Integrated Wisdom

Let’s Break Up the Union

I live in a blue state and I’m all for it. You should avoid arguing with the intellectually challenged. When you get into it with the uninformed, the uneducated, or the just plain dumb, one has...

High Life

Wild Swimming

A chilling form of rebellion At agnituslife, we feel we are all uber athletes. This is really another way of saying we are old folks who looking back on our athletic years and remember ourselves as...

Entertainment & Technology

Lenny Bruce

The one who started it all There is a fine line between heritage and lineage. Both are important, one no more than the other. Lineage is earned, while heritage is given. In both cases we always...


Exploring the True World

Articles against the fallacies of travel. Everywhere you turn some sales organization is telling you to travel. Take a ship, or a plane, take an adventure, ride a camel, sleep in a hut in Indonesia...

Integrated Wisdom

Our Most Dangerous Roads

Driving America for fun and terror I often have the same recurring dream, as many people do, but my dream is a true story that happened to me, and I can not remember the ending in the dream, nor can...

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