Integrated Wisdom

AI Comes Clean

Artificial Intelligence rats itself out. Unless you’ve slept through the last few months (and who could blame you if you did), you would know that the pundits are expounding on the vast...

Integrated Wisdom

More Deadly than Caste

Three tiers of racist ideology. Bob Gordh In her recent bestseller Caste, Isabel Wilkerson sought to explain the nature of White Supremacist, (or simply racist) ideology in the United States. I...

Art & Culture

Must Art Be Moral?

Can a scoundrel can make great art? The morality of a work of art is one of the oldest and most widely debated concepts in the art community today. The question is must we respect the artist as...

High Life

She’s Baaaack!

Bugatti has stepped it up, but faces new competition Yes, she is back. We are talking about the Bugatti Chiron. Just when you thought you had heard the last of this 3 million dollar beauty, Bugatti...


Touring Southern Normandy

Exploring France’s medieval heritage. In two earlier articles we outlined tours of Upper Normandy (Haute Normandie), around the vicinity of its regional capital, Rouen. Now we move on to Lower...

Art & Culture

The City from Nowhere

Half a century building a city while living in a tent. Although I left the friendly confines of NYC where I was born and raised, I still look forward to the Sunday NY Times as a wonderful weekend...

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