Sardinia — Part 3

Canyons, seascapes, murals, and more medieval villages.

The third itinerary covers the eastern coast of Sardinia. On this tour you’ll find a very different mix. We start with a town known for it’s murals — there’s 150 of them painted on the outer walls of the houses by various artists. We move on to the spectacular landscapes of Supramonte di Orgosolo and the Gorropu canyon, one of the deepest in Europe. You can stroll about a half mile into the ravine with little effort, but beyond that you’ll need climbing gear. So, if you’re up for that, come prepared.

We then hit the medieval town of Cala di Gonone. Here you will find homes made of volcanic rock and boutiques hawking jewelry and ceramics. But what’s best is it’s location on the Gulf of Orosei — with its caves, grottos, and outrageous rock formations, the gulf is considered to be one of the most beautiful in Sardinia. We then end at Olbia and back to civilization, with winding lanes and lots of shops and restaurants.

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