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In this section we get into all things media related. We have no choice — Agnituslife’s founder is a former TV producer. Still, it’s a topic that’s broadly appealing. Think of how much time you dedicate to entertaining yourself, whether it be through TV, movies, the internet, social media, and so on.

Here you’ll find articles on the latest technological innovations and discussions on the hot issues relating to entertainment and it’s supporting technology. But we’re not complete geeks —  we also present un-discovered talents and old entertainers who we may have forgotten but are certainly worth another look.

Entertainment & Technology

Cook vs. Zuckerberg

Two tech moguls will battle it out over your privacy rights.   By Bill Wood Set your DVRs for Friday, April 6th at 8pm ET, MSNBC.  That’s when we get a deep dive into Apple CEO Tim Cook during...

Entertainment & Technology

Building Banjos

The banjo has deep roots in American music, and Tim Gardner takes us through the art of making one. The Banjo as we know it today is one of the great contributions to the American music tradition...

Entertainment & Technology

Bull Moose Jackson

His lyrics were very often racy and suggestive, but no one can deny he knew how to have fun with music. Benjamin Clarence “Bull Moose” Jackson (April 22, 1919 – July 31, 1989) was...

Entertainment & Technology

Labor Day Movies

You and I are contributing to a growing change in America’s film industry.  You think the industry is listening? by Bill Wood Some quick background. I look for reasons to celebrate the end of...

Entertainment & Technology

Translating Emojis

Modern communication is taking a page from the ancient Egyptians. by Bill Wood Even if you’re not part of the Millennial generation you’ve probably learned how to use emojis in your...

Entertainment & Technology

A History of Hosiery

Not really, but what a great soundtrack! If you’re really looking for an accurate history of socks, you need to go somewhere else. Maybe try Wikipedia. But if you’re looking to be...

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