Political Power

The most effective means of guaranteeing your rights.

The murder of George Floyd in Minnesota triggered protest and violence throughout the world. The event made clear to virtually all Americans that African Americans suffer inordinate amount of abuse at the hands of the police.

But it’s more than just the police — regardless of ethnic background, all Americans have come to acknowledge that white privilege is real, and minorities have limited opportunities in our country.

So, what’s to be done? What’s the best way to exercise your own power and ensure your rights as a citizen. It’s important to keep in mind that change only occurs in our country through grass-roots movements — that’s what these protests are demonstrating right now. And what’s the best type of grass-roots movement — voting.

Potcasters Peter Goldsmith and Bill Wood discuss these issues and more in their podcast on Political Power

We also suggest you watch this youtube video from Kimberly Jones for an interesting perspective on the implications of racism.

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