Integrated Wisdom

Feeling in Love

Made possible through the wonders of neuro-chemistry.

Romantics the world over will tell you there’s nothing else in the human experience that comes close to falling in love. The world and everyone in it is perfect, but even if it isn’t, that doesn’t matter because we only see the person we love. Our self-esteem is soaring because someone we see as the greatest person alive actually loves us back.

​So why is it that falling in love feels so good? Neuroscientists have a reason — it’s all about chemistry, and I don’t mean the sense of connection two people feel for each other. I mean real chemistry. That certainly sucks all the joy out of things.

​Here’s how things work. When we find someone we’re attracted to, the sections of the brain that contain high concentrations of dopamine become active. When dopamine is released in our brains, we experience euphoria. Dopamine is also motivating. Because euphoric feelings are addicting, we focus all of our attention and energy on the person who triggers that reaction. We are obsessed with being with the object of our affections so we can have more ecstatic feelings. That’s also why it hurts so much for lovers to be apart.


  It’s about firing neurons and chemical releases

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