High Life

Pet Spas

The delightful doggie experience

“Tell me, how was it?”

“It was fabulous, simply fabulous.The food was delicious, the scenery was magnificent. The weather was ideal, there was hiking, swimming, long walks on the beach…and when there was nothing to do, just sitting and starring at nature was ever so tranquil. I tell you it was enchanting. The nights were cool and romantic, the days warm and friendly. On Fridays the  the Lunch Special was fresh caught fish… the guests were all first class. Every one with a pure and lengthy pedigree…what a place!”

If you think that was two people talking about their vacation on St. Moritz, you would be incorrect.

That in fact was two dog owners talking about the Doggie Spa that little Fido just came home from. More and more people are sending their pets to high end spas, simply because it makes them, the owners, feel good. This writer thinks a dog would be happier with a good steak bone and an old shoe…but that is just this writer.

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