High Life

Pet Spas

The delightful doggie experience

“Tell me, how was it?”

“It was fabulous, simply fabulous. The food was delicious, the scenery was magnificent. The weather was ideal, there was hiking, swimming, long walks on the beach…and when there was nothing to do, just sitting and starring at nature was ever so tranquil. I tell you it was enchanting. The nights were cool and romantic, the days warm and friendly. On Fridays the  the Lunch Special was fresh caught fish… the guests were all first class. Every one with a pure and lengthy pedigree…what a place!”

If you think that was two people talking about their vacation on St. Moritz, you would be incorrect.

That in fact was two dog owners talking about the Doggie Spa that little Fido just came home from. More and more people are sending their pets to high end spas, simply because it makes them, the owners, feel good. This writer thinks a dog would be happier with a good steak bone and an old shoe…but that is just this writer.

High end spas can cost a pretty penny.  One spa advertises; “Your pup can unwind in the lap of luxury.” Another offers three exciting’ dog parks, a 24 hour vet on call, and doggie treats throughout the lobby. The Lobby?

Well, if you want to go that route, here are a few you might want to consider…

Paradise Ranch Resort boasts that it is the first licensed, cage-free boarding facility for dogs in the country. Dogs live in bedrooms with their own beds constantly surrounded by other doggie friends and attentive staff day and night. During the day, dogs run and romp through the grass, over bridges and into pools and fountains surrounding the resort. Naps in the sun or inside air-conditioned rooms are welcomed and encouraged. Private swim and boogie boarding lessons, massages and more are available as well.

If you want to take a look before dropping Bruno, check out the Paradise Ranch Resort’s youtube video for a sneak peek.

If that’s not your cup of Dom’

D Pet Hotels maintains a most unassuming appearance from the exterior, but inside is a bonafide high-end atmosphere with modern decor for your dog. Choose the suite style most suited to your dog’s spatial preferences and rest assured that while lounging, he will be entertained with his own flat-screen television. Three indoor dog parks are perfect for running about and stretching those limbs, and the spa center is just the place for a bath, massage, ‘pawdicures’, and aromatherapy. Too busy to do a drop-off for the day or weekend? D Pet will send a sophisticated, luxury car for your pet to ensure a level of convenience that cannot be beat.

If you’re thinking what I am thinking, don’t go there…these are for your pets, you can keep working to afford your dog his/her pleasure.

We heard one satisfied customer exclaim that the lunch for her dog was better than the one she had at the Ivey (a notoriously overpriced LA restaurant)…and that her little ChiChi got better service too….

Oh well, if you can’t live like a Queen, at least your dog can…

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