Eco-Tourism: Think Yourself Green

Traveling well while saving the planet.

I love the name “eco-tourism”.  What it actually means is that you have to fly and/or drive, burning a few thousand dollars of fossil fuel, sleep in the most outlandish hotels, think yourself green, feel good about your barefoot self, raise a beverage that burns more fuel to make, and then go back home and brag!

But in all honesty I take my pith helmet off to the sales team that thought the concept up and has everyone participating. (Yes, even me!)

So, other than pulling out that old army sleeping bag, convincing your wife she will love it, and bunking down in your back yard or on your astro-turfed terrace, you have to figure out where are you going to go…and how will you get there, what will it cost, and how Green will it make you. Stay tuned, here are some wonderful choices.

Eco friendly can mean a hotel, a tent in the forest, even a cruise, so let’s take a look at some of the options.  Remember, even though many hotels claim to be “green”, it’s all a matter of degree.

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