Prose and Poetry

Chinese Luey — Part 2

Luey didn’t bother to answer…this was the moment he was waiting for. He tried sitting up a little straighter and cocking his head in a knowing way, but the single malt stopped all that and he just sat, slumped down in his chair with a stupid grin and spittle down his cheek.

“I want you to steal my wife’s jewelry — only the good stuff.  You may also take all other things you find interesting. I can keep her occupied for the early evening, so you shall have several hours to complete the job. I must put the alarm on and certainly lock the front door but that is where your skill comes in. Keep what you take, hold onto it for thirty days and then do what you will. The proceeds are all yours. Well?”

Luey asked all the right questions about the alarm system and the door locks; he asked about the security of the community and he asked about why the job had to be done. It seemed too easy. Why would a guy do something like this…for the insurance…for the thrill of seeing his home violated? It just seemed too easy.

But, on the other hand, this was the golden egg. The guy and his wife must have easy three quarters of a million in stuff, if not more. And if Luey could somehow get Oscar involved, it would be his perfect cover plus a rock solid alibi. If all that could be done, he was home free and off to the the Isle of Capri (that’s another story).

Regardless of the how and the what, the boys were off and running.

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