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To Be Or Not To Be…A Vegetarian

People come to eating vegetarian for religious, spiritual, ethical and even political reasons. Some just come to it as the latest fad. I know one chap who while looking at a full plate of baby rack of lamb decided he could no longer eat a baby lamb and has for many years stuck to the vegetarian way of life.

What makes good common sense is to consume what you feel happiest consuming….that of course excludes a bottle of bourbon and a pack of smokes daily. With that out of the way, if you feel the need for animal protein, so be it. If you want to try a vegetarian diet, go for it…but with either of the two don’t get sanctimonious and feel you’ve got it made. Who knows… in years to come we may well all be ingesting tiny carbon pellets and living hundreds of years with full heads of hair…

But until then, no balanced diet is any better than any other balanced diet.  It doesn’t work that way.  Eat what you like and be happy about it.

I have no knowledge of medicine and am still a vegan after 49 years.

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