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What Are You Curious About?

Our curiosity is slipping… and that does not bode well for innovation. 

A release this week questioned our time devoted to curiosity. It suggested our time committed to Social Media is replacing our time given over to thinking, contemplation and imagination. When was the last time you were curious about something?


The release said curiosity “is the vehicle by which we increase knowledge; it is the threshold for learning anything new; it is the lens through which we permit ourselves to see anew, regardless of our age or experience level.”

That covers a lot of ground, doesn’t it?  I like the part about curiosity being the threshold for learning anything new. As a culture we were pulled into a curiosity about space. A Presidential leader promised we would be on the moon by the end of the 1960’s. There was a commitment and we made it. And because of that curiosity, as a nation, we discovered new industries and were the global leaders in technology, creating jobs, businesses and global leadership.  What are our leaders curious about now?

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