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I Hate Flying…But Really I Don’t


It’s just a matter of attitude

It’s not that I hate the flying, it’s everything else that goes into it. Why must I take off my hat and vest, and not my shoes. Why must I sweat out the connecting flight, that I have never missed, but still lose sleep over a week in advance.


And finally, why don’t they serve food on the plane…I mean free food. Would someone really not buy a ticket if the price was five dollars more and it included a meal?  Really. The price to LA is $350 dollars without, and now it could be $355 and you get a sandwich…I can hear the reservations cancelling already…stupid.

Ah, the good old days.

OK, now that I got  that off my chest…. I enjoy going to visit my grandchildren in Los Angeles, not only because I love them, but because it gives me a great excuse to buy magazines, newspapers and to listen to blog posts during an almost six hour transcontinental flight.

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