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Working in Retirement: Be Careful what You Ask for.

Actually it’s a good idea, but only if done for the right reasons.

In a previous article I talked about how working in retirement can be a good idea, provided it’s done for the right reasons, such as feeling productive or socially connected. But whether or not it’s a good idea can also depend on the kind of job you go after. To put it briefly, you probably shouldn’t stray too far from the familiar. Lots of times I’ve heard people say things like, when they retire, they’re going to work at a winery or start their own vineyard. Sounds good, right? It’s an opportunity to broaden your horizons and pursue things you really love.

Wrong. When you take a job in a new field, you may find you really have to work. There are things you have to learn and there will be demands and responsibilities. And believe it or not, your employer or client might actually have some expectations about your performance. So the job you thought was going to be exhilarating will likely in the end turn out to be like any other job and not as much fun as you thought.

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