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Challenges in Portrait Painting

While Robin’s body of work includes still-lifes, figures, and plein air painting of landscapes, she’s most prolific in portraits. For these she has experimented with the Zorn palette. Briefly, this is a basic color palette developed by Swedish artist Anders Zorn, consisting of Lead White, Yellow Ochre, Vermilion and Ivory Black. From these 4 colors it’s possible to produce a tremendous range of tones — it’s considered an important development for portrait painting. Here’s how Robin sums up her love of this subject:

“Painting portraits is challenging – but incredibly rewarding! Simplifying my palette to something that I know works has given me freedom to focus on other details of my work. Anders Zorn’s limited palette gives me a beautiful range of skin tones and I’m virtually guaranteed color harmony in my paintings.”

Given her passion for what she does, it’s not surprising that ​Robin’s paintings have attracted much attention. She is the recipient of a number of awards in juried competitions around the country, and is featured at quite a few galleries throughout North Carolina. Robin also holds regular workshops to help other newly emerging artists to develop their skills and techniques. Go to the next page for a small sample of her work.

To learn more or to contact Robin, go to robinwellner.com

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