The Island of Corsica: Part 3

Touring the southern tip 

The third installment of your Corsican adventure covers the southern end of the island. The town in this area has a few cover a pretty spectrum — from medieval cliff-hangers to glamorous resorts. But the south is also well known for prehistoric sites, and you can chill out on some of the best beaches in Europe or visit some pretty good wineries — go to winetravelguides.com if you’d like more information on the best ones to visit. And, as with all of Corsica, let’s not forget the fantastic views, because that’s what mountains provide.

This is the shortest of the three itineraries. It’s not that much shorter mileage-wise — about 190 miles round-trip with Ajaccio as your home base. But there are only 4 towns, and the map below provides the most efficient order of visiting. As we mentioned in Part 1, there are no verbal descriptions of each town, but we give you pictures and links to other websites if you want more information. And we recommend that you load up each of the destinations in your GPS and find restaurants for each town (trip advisor and yelp are great resources) before you arrive in Corsica, and print out this itinerary so you have a hard copy.​ On this particular journey, you’re bound to find these destinations worth a bit of your time.

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