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Cabin Fever No More

Tricks for staying sane, and maybe grow a little

Most of us who are not on the ‘front lines’ of this pandemic have been doing our part to stay safe and healthy and obeying the mandates set down by our state governments. We are also occasionally suffering from a bit of Cabin Fever, especially those of us living in a large city or having a full household. However, if you take a few moments to look around you will find a virtual universe that you probably never knew existed right at your finger tips.  You can find everything from sports and entertainment to classes, concerts ‘how to’s’ , and of course more cooking classes than Julia Child could ever imagine.

The wonderful part about all of this is you do not get in your car, nor do you take any other form of transportation, you do not need to get out of your sweat pants and tee shirt, and can keep that cup of tea (or something stronger) right by your side with no one giving you dirty looks. And, that’s just the start.

Here are a bunch of interesting ideas:

Many musicians are donating their time and energy into doing on-line concerts, which for the most part are free. The ones I have been watching all have no cost attached. The musician will often mention that he or she has lost many other paying gigs and they could use the money. If you want to donate there is a small DONATE button usually at the bottom of the page and you click that, fill-in the information as to what you want to give, then click and feel good about yourself for helping a needy artist. (But you do not have to donate a penny.)

I have also been taking on-line classes for things that usually meet in places, but which are a bit far to drive and are now being given free on line. Again, if you wish you can donate, but like the music there are no strings attached.  I have been taking literature and meditation classes, all for no cost. 

Thee are several musical jam sessions being organized on-line as well. You simply go to the site, listen to the leader, and play along in the comfort of your own home. In all honesty this is great on one side and a bit frustrating on the other. Great in that you can play along, and since everyone except the leader is on mute, you can try any and all derivations you like without worrying that you sound lousy. You probably do, but then again no one can hear you, so do you really sound lousy?  It’s great fun playing that way. The downside is often your buffering or that of the leader is a bit off due to internet connections so you’re not always playing on the beat…but then again since no one can hear you….are you? 

Beside being able to play some, it’s cool to catch up, or meet with old and new friends.

Finally the number of podcasts has increased geometrically. There are more DIY podcasts than ever before. Wood working, cooking, at home projects, things to do in your garden, chess, puzzles, crosswords, name it and its there. 

Thad Zaremba of Laguna Woods in his recording studio.

A good quick way to find a bunch of things to keep you busy is the newsletter, Staying Apart Together.  It’s brought to you by USA Today newspaper and comes into your in-box twice a week (Tuesday & Saturday). It’s free and will give you a great idea of things to do by yourself and with other family members.

Another good one is techradar.com. They offer 40 ideas you can do at home. Along with these ideas they’ll tell you where to find free movies and TV shows.

Those are simply a start.  For a whole new world go to Google and type ‘What to do when stuck at home” then you’re off to the races.

{BTW… I’m not sure the meditation is doing me any good, but I’m going to stick with it, and hope this madness ends before I levitate!}

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