High Life

High Priced Pets

Not your bargain basement varieties

The other day I went to the supermarket looking for cooking oil, asparagus sprouts,  strawberries and tortillas. (Don’t ask)


As I was strolling through the shelves I noticed that the two largest aisles were pet products. Two full aisles in a very large supermarket. That got me thinking about having a pet, or pets. We had dogs and cats and my son even had some kind of lizard. (The lizard lasted about two days until it got out of the tank and my wife spotted it in the living room.)

It also reminded me that in my younger days I had done a TV show for Russian Television about things that we Americans do that the Russians, up to that point did not. We covered a Pet Boutique on the upper East Side of Manhattan that specialized in the truly exotic. They had tuxedos and wedding dresses for dogs, a Harley Davidson set of full leathers, tooth brushes, hair care products and hand turned ceramic drinking and feeding bowls. All this at prices that were more than a 50 pound sack of Purina…actually more than a dozen sacks.

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