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Is a Bot Better than a Husband?

Robots for Seniors

The following is from the lost chapters of Betty Friedan’s book “The Feminine Mystique” (1963). These chapters have never been seen authenticated. She was looking ahead when she mentioned things about to happen in 2020. 

Amazing how that happens!

Before you turn away, stop for a minute and truly think this proposition over. A robot, although expensive, will cost you far less in the long run since they neither eat nor drink, wear shoes or have their hair cut. Golf is foreign to them and a new car is something that means nothing when you’ve got your own methods of self-propulsion.

With their new flesh-like faces they look pretty sweet from 75 – 100 yards away and let’s face it, the sex you might be giving up is so minimal, what are you really giving up? 

The new Bots will be embedded with ‘Alexa’  and can follow all your verbal commands. It can cook and clean, play music, turn on your shower, play you a pretty fair game of chess and sleep standing up in your broom closet.  Bet your husband can’t do all that…

Getting interested?

Beginning in 2020, all new bots are being delivered with voice activated remote commands, meaning you can use your phone from distance to give your Bot orders.

You can monitor your house with updated reports, begin cooking, and adjust heat, lights and even have your Robot pick up your mail. 

You can train your Bot to speak phrases in a foreign language, so when you have people over for cocktails, you can have the smartest partner in the room.

Here is another wonderful option. The new Robots come in multiple sizes. If you have always wanted a tall statuesque partner, that can be had. Should you desire a short partner that you can tower over, that can be done as well. Size does not matter. 

Robots only require maintenance twice a year, meaning you get some alone time, and when they come home you’ll be thrilled to see them.

We could go on and on with the virtues of these virtual partners, but I think you get the point.  Think it over.

Oh yes, one last thing…please do not mention any of this to my wife.  I like it here!

* All you men out there please feel free to substitute the word Husband for Wife

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