Integrated Wisdom

Male and Female Brains

Without getting into the neurological details, researchers propose that these wiring differences result in men and women having different strengths. So, while one sex is not better than the other overall, each is better than the other in certain respects…

  • Men are better at performing single tasks; women are better at multi-tasking.
  • Women are better at attention, word memory and social cognition, and verbal abilities.
  • Men are better at spatial processing and sensori-motor speed
  • Women are better at fine-motor coordination, and retrieving information from long-term memory
  • Women are more oriented toward and have better memories of faces; men of things.
  • Men are better at visualizing a two- or three-dimensional shapes rotated in space, at correctly determining angles from the horizontal, at tracking moving objects, and at aiming projectiles.
  • In navigating, men rely more on dead reckoning — determining one’s position from the direction and distance traveled. Women rely more on landmarks.

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