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My Broadway: The Way it should Be

I was brought in by the legendary ‘Broadway Trudy Brown’. Trudy (rest her soul) was a company manager and needed someone she could trust, I became that guy.

Now, in those days the Broadway Theatre District stretched from Times Square all the way to the high forties on the west side. Usually between Broadway and Eight Avenue and from 44th to 48th…forget these new joints in the low fifties they didn’t exist then.

The “Little”as it was known then, is at 240 west 44th right next door to the world famous Sardi’s and directly across the street from Schubert Alley. That was a good thing, because you could catch the end of a matinee on 45th street, run through Shubert’s Alley, hit Sardi’s for one of their gorgeous martinis, and pop back through the stage door of the Little in time for the evening show. Which we did almost every night!


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