High Life

Tell Me Again…

How much is the turbot?

I like fine dining. Not all the time, but occasionally it’s nice to be surrounded by elegance, a polished staff, and incredible cuisine. But sometimes the prices get a little silly — after all, it’s just a meal. It will not really change my life and I will have another one tomorrow. When dinner surpasses $250 per person, I have a hard time finding reasons to justify it.

We were escorted to our table and were immediately swarmed by staff, but you never had the sense of stuffiness — in fact, the ambiance was both magnificent and comfortable. We both ordered martinis and half way through our waiter brought over the menus. I looked at mine and happened to notice the prices. Now I really don’t do that, but one number caught my eye and got my attention. I started to laugh a bit as I read on. I will never walk out of a restaurant because of pricing, but I will be amused.


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