Buddhism and Global Warming

A different perspective on the ecological health of our planet.

There is a sizable percentage of people who reject the idea of global warming. This is in spite of the fact that 97% of the research reported in peer-reviewed journals support that conclusion. The key point here is peer-reviewed. These are articles published in professional journals in which the research is first reviewed by experts to make sure it meets rigorous scientific standards — the research method is valid, data are analyzed correctly, conclusions are supported by the data, and so on. To make it into a peer-reviewed journal, you have to know what you’re doing and you have to be accurate. Now there are probably some researchers who have presented fraudulent data, but for 97% to do so, it would have to be a conspiracy. Scientists on the whole are not that devious.

So if the scientific community regards global warming as a fact, then something else must be going on for there to be so many deniers. Our Podcast hosts Bill Wood and Peter Goldsmith speak to David Loy — professor, author, and teacher of Zen Buddhism — about the factors that can lead to denial, but do so from an entirely different perspective.

Agnitus Life
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Buddhism and Global Warming

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