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Regardless of your stand, take the time to care about your country.

Lots of us are unhappy with the current state of our politics. Partisanship is at the highest levels in decades, and anger and frustration comes from both sides of the aisle. Yet despite all the fighting and yelling, many don’t take advantage of the one tool they have to make a difference — voting.

In the 2016 presidential election, only 58% exercised their right. The greatest shortfall was found among the youngest generation — only 19% of Millennials voted in that election. Relative to other democratic countries, we rank in the bottom third in the percentage of citizens going to the polls. And for the mid-term elections, the turn-out is likely to be lower, possibly down to 40%.

Podcast hosts Bill Wood and Peter Goldsmith discuss the importance of voting, and why so many Americans are reluctant to do so.

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