High Life

Rolls Royce Sweptail

Harking back to the days of building one-offs, this gracious automobile is stunning in its homage to history and its endearing salute to technology. As described by Maxim Magazine:


“Two key features of the Sweptail are its tapered, wood-paneled boat tail and the arching, dramatic, panoramic glass skylight stretching over the two-seat cockpit. 

It isn’t just the tapering pointed tail that recalls the design of exotic yachts. The cleanliness of the surface of ‘Sweptail’ is maintained as the bodywork wraps under the car with no visible boundary to the surfaces, a treatment similar to the hull of a yacht.”

“We’ve seen Rolls-Royce do a champagne cooler in the trunk of its cars, but the Sweptail includes a champagne chiller in the center console that dispenses a bottle of the owner’s birth year-vintage bubbly and a pair of flutes for enjoying it.”   



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