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The Cost of Communications

So, people are dropping the services, maybe even you. The reasons probably vary from high costs to convenience. Fewer are sitting at home waiting for program appointment viewing. Devices are becoming the viewing choice for thousands upon thousands of former cable subscribers who aren’t home as much.

Now here’s the approaching crossroads. These streaming services are becoming budget challengers. I’m looking at the cable bill I can no longer afford and I’m monthly paying a possible average of $10 each for Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Sling, You Tube TV, the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, The Nation, Atlantic, and who knows how many more communications services and prices.

Couple all of that with the threat of Net Neutrality, where Internet Service Providers like Spectrum and Comcast can add their own layers of costs, and we’re back to more and more lost subscriptions. Who knows where this is going?

Maybe our future access to programming and information could be a service option that hasn’t been invented yet. Or we all line up like lemmings and follow the future over the cliff. Sometimes it seems like the people who’d like to control our access to information would like to see the crossroads come sooner than later.

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