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Great books that are out of the ordinary but worth your time.

Periodically we’ll present some wonderful, informative reading that you probably would not have seen at your local library or book store. We cover a variety of topics, from biography, fiction, non fiction, to historical fiction and short story. Some are new, and some are old classics that we’ve forgotten about. Each of these gems will definitely expand your horizons.

All may be purchased at amazon.com and are available as of this writing. 

Rural Modern:  American Art Beyond the City by Amanda Burden, Betsy Tahiman, and Christine Podmaniczky

A look at American modernism through the landscape paintings of Benton, Demote, O’Keeffe, Wood, Wyeth, and many others. More than sixty modernist works, created between the wars, present an important and often overlooked history: how American painters adapted avant-garde styles to re-imagine familiar landscapes and develop a distinctively American modernist vernacular. Richly illustrated and with insightful essays by noted scholars, Rural Modern traces this development through a broad range of works by both lesser-known & celebrated artists.

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