High Life

Buying My Very Last Car

At that point I listened to my wife again, and moved over into the passenger seat and she drove home. The car didn’t make a sound, and neither did I.

It is  a weird way, to buy a car. I still remember kicking tires, bargaining with salesmen and filling up the new car. Not happening.

Is this a fad, or is it the wave of the future? Are humans obsolete? More importantly is ‘green money’ gone forever. Is it all Apple Pay, Zillow, and cars that don’t make noise. I don’t know but if this is the future I need a remedial course on the “History and Customs of the Future”.

Back again to the Tesla

When I figure out how to charge this thing, I’ll let you know…until then it looks great in my driveway and if it is the last car I buy, I love the Tesla Blue.

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