High Life

Buying My Very Last Car

Then it hit me — was this going to be that last car I will ever buy?  I usually buy a brand new car, and drive it till the wheels fall off. That regularly occurs every 12- 15 years. (I am driving a very well kept 2007 right now.)

I went from that sobering thought to one even more perplexing: “If this is the last car I ever buy, what do I really want, and why do I want it?”  That started me thinking about who we think we are, how much we put on appearances, on ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ and how much our own self confidence allows us to be and do what ever it is we feel is right and appropriate for the time we are doing it.

Whether it’s a car, clothing, or a larger house; do we ever think do I really want this, and do I really need it? What will this say about me? And what will those who I care about think of me?

Probably when we are in the throes of commodity fetishism these are not the general thoughts we have. I for one have only one thought…

“I want this!”

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