High Life

Driving My Tesla

Moving on. You put the car in reverse to get it out of the lot and the rear camera looks like 1080p video. (For you civilians, that’s basically HD TV.) Putting the car in D, away you go.

And go you do. The pickup on the Tesla is ridiculous. It will actually snap your head back. It will jump from 20 to 85 in 5 seconds. It is crazy. But most of all, it will do all of this without making a sound. You will hear nothing. Now, when you want to slow down, just take your foot off the “go pedal” (there is no gas so no gas pedal), and the car will slow down to almost zero just as fast as it accelerated to 80.


Teslas handle like sports cars. You can take a beautiful country road, tear it up and the car will still ask for more. It holds the road like a well-tuned Bugatti and accelerates like a muscle car. Take a look at this performance video from Cameron Rogers…

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