High Life

Driving My Tesla

Within a minute, a woman who announces herself as Roadside Service gets on and asks what is the problem. She tells me again not to worry, and now I am really nuts. I give her my VIN and my name and address, and within 30 seconds my horn honks, my lights go on, and I open the door and pull out my key card.

Now that this problem is solved I decide to  try out the streaming feature where you can ask for any song or album you want and it will play it for you. I also want to find how to make the wipers go faster…. But, I look at my wife, she looks back at me, my sweat covered brow, and we both decide we have done enough for one day! Tomorrow is another day and if my heart can take it, we can try some of the other features then.


One Month Later: After having the Tesla for one month it is by far my favorite car. It s a joy to drive and I think I understand most of the features and am starting to love driving this thing.

Hope I still feel this way after another month!

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