Eco-Tourism: Think Yourself Green

Davidson River Campground

And finally, for those who just have to go native…try this.

Davidson River Campground is located in Pisgah National Forest, North Carolina, on  a beautiful spot along the Davidson River. It is at 2150 feet in elevation and boasts great views of mountains, meadows and of course the Davidson River. There are many nearby waterfalls, and the surrounding mountains go up over a mile. The river offers swimming, fishing, and a chance to just sit and watch it flow. Since the campsite is in a national Park, there are hot showers, flush toilets and small barbecues for each site.  It costs between $22-44 per night, and well worth it at that.

You can run, or hike to your heart’s content on hundreds of miles of well marked trails.  (I have been running here for years and have only gotten lost once…pretty good for me!)

Most importantly, if your green turns a bit drab, you can also walk out of the park to a Taco Bell, a Pizza Hut and a craft beer place…

That, my friends, is GREEN!

Davidson River waterfall 

For more information, go to romanticasheville.com


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