Upper Normandy — Part 2 

As I also mentioned, the only way to get you through these itineraries without wasting precious hours among the Normandy hedgerows, like a GI in WW II,  is by GPS. And it’s best to plug in each town to your GPS before you leave home, save it, and then pull up each from your saved destinations when you’re ready to move on. Sure, your navigator can type them in while you’re driving, but the there’s always the confusion as to how to spell the name of a French town — they sneak in unexpected letters in unexpected places.

The full itinerary is laid out on the map below. Each destination is described very briefly. I’ve added pictures to give you an idea about each town, the miles between destinations, and links to websites where you can get more information on each destination. You might find it helpful to print out the itinerary pages from this article so you have a hard copy in your hands when you’re traveling. Finally, you can use either tripadvisor.com or yelp.com to find restaurants in each of these towns before you go.

​Now on the trip…

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