Part 3: Can We Reassemble a Broken America?

What we can do to begin the healing.

In Part 3, Bill Wood and Peter Goldsmith discuss what we can do to get us to a better place. Waiting for our leaders to move the country toward unity is not likely. They are as divided, if not more so, than we citizens. In fact, they seem to be the primary sowers of discord — just listen to the rhetoric that pours out from both sides of the aisle. How does one tolerate the opposition when we’re fed that nonsense day after day.

So that means it’s up to each one of us as individuals to get to the healing. Sure, we can try to put our differences aside and respect the rights of every one to their own opinions. But that’s not so easy — when we try to put aside our differences, the tendency is to think about those differences, so you’re back to where you started.

The better way — get involved. Vote, join grassroots causes that you believe in, but most importantly, make an effort to belong to our society. By that we mean take an active role in non-partisan organizations that promote good will. You will feel connected and you’ll feel better about your neighbors, regardless of their values and beliefs.

Hit the play arrow below to listen to Bill and Peter’s insightful discussion on the topic.

Agnitus Life
Agnitus Life
Part 3: Can We Reassemble a Broken America?

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