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Chinese Luey — Part 1

Being a gentleman of the great outdoors, Luey spent every morning walking through the Crossing, trying to figure out what was his and how to get it. The walking group of church ladies smiled at him while the early morning golfers paid him no mind. Why should they, he didn’t even own a pair of tartan plaid slacks.

Oscar Brown had had enough of the day by nine thirty, so he sat quietly on his front porch with a extra large scotch and the daily newspaper. Old habits. Newspapers. And drinking in the morning. When he saw Luey, he called to him with a most friendly wave. Oscar was half in the bag and needed something to do to keep from tilting. Here was a harmless pedestrian walking quietly and peacefully down the tree lined. always clean, man-made lane.

Sensing things were about to turn in his favor, Luey waved and shouted back. “Morning, nice way to start the day.” Sensing a fellow journeyman, Oscar waved him up to the front steps. That was the beginning of getting what is yours and paying for it in ways neither gent could have rightfully imagined.

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