Integrated Wisdom

To Pot or Not to Pot

That’s a burning legal question.

Let me begin by saying I am for the legalization of Marijuana. I am for both the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana. I find it simply incomprehensible that in this day and age people should still harbor sophomoric opinions about cannabis because of outdated and unscientific notions that have long been disproved.


First issue up is, “it is a gateway drug.”  More people get started on their way to alcoholism with beer than start on heroin with pot. Second issue “there is no medical use for marijuana”. Ask that to the thousands of people who have been relieved of painful joints and backs, who have begun eating again after chemo therapy, who have been helped with glaucoma, and ask the countless others who have reduced their stress level tremendously by using this “natural herb”.

To be clear I am not a user of marijuana. I do believe like everything else that marijuana can be abused. So can cigarettes, alcohol, and even chocolate.  Let’s take a look into the facts and come up with informed answers.

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