High Life

Tell Me Again…

When the waiter came by, I gave him our orders, and then I couldn’t help myself. “I’m curious, just exactly how many turbots do I get for 160 euro? I’m assuming I will get a small basket that I can take home with me.”

That comment caught him by surprise, and he also started to laugh. We all had quite a few yuks as each of three courses was brought over, with the biggest laugh coming at the end when we got the bill for about $800 — but at least the tip was included. We found a way to relate to each other because the three of us walked out of the restaurant together, marveling about how ridiculous it is to pay those prices. Sure, the joke was on me, but I have to mention that the food was outstanding, as was everything else about the experience. I won’t say it was worth the money, but it was still an excellent way to spend a lot of money.

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