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What Are You Curious About?

Many would argue that Google is a gate beyond that threshold for learning anything new. Google says its top “how” question in 2017 was how do I make slime. Bitcoin and DACA were also among the leading keyword searches. The overall top searches in the U.S. surrounded Hurricane Irma and Matt Lauer, the NBC television host accused of sexual misconduct. Our curiosity is dwindling, apparently.


Here’s more:

Curiosity can take us into the highest part of ourselves. From the release: “Curiosity calms our greedy and insatiable desire to consume. Curiosity takes courage, and it nurtures and nourishes us into the mature self that we know lies just beyond our present longing.” Our current culture is based on consumption, so being curious about things would seem to fly in the face of THAT cultural advancement.

But what if we became curious about: Why do we NEED to consume? What’s on the other side of that hill?  Who is that?  Why is watching the Kardashian women consuming so much time in our culture?

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