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I Hate Flying…But Really I Don’t

Finally, Pot. Is pot getting boring or what? Everywhere you turn there is something about what we called in our day (1960’s) ‘weed’. Well, now you can buy it openly in many states for medicinal or recreational use, and if you don’t care about getting buzzed you can go to the New York Stock Exchange and buy stock in several multi million dollar companies that specialize in  fixing you up, or getting you high. How boring is that.


We thought we were outlaws, subversives, underground artists, and all we really were, were business men with dirty hair and  a pocket full of Oreos… and a little ahead of our time.

Well that’s all I got for this trip. On the way back I am going to stop reading, download some Netflix movies and eat pot infused brownies till I either fall asleep or dance naked in the aisles!  Should be interesting…

Till March and the spring migration, I’m out.

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