Artist Barbara Fisher

Interpreting the world through abstract painting.

Renowned artist Barbara Fisher discusses the process of developing into an abstract artist. It begins with learning the craft of painting, and over the years evolves into a means for expressing one’s thoughts, feelings, and ideas.

That is, of course,  as long as you actually have something to say. That’s not Barbara’s issue — she has something to say, and uses her medium to create order where there is none. In her words,

“Transforming interior states into a visual language is what drives me as an artist.  To quote Carl Jung, “In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order”.  I am willing to embrace chaos, in the hopes of finding/creating that secret order… Each painting hints at a narrative based on the way I envision energy, ideas, matter, psychic states, memories and other elements interacting.”

Click on the arrow below to listen to Barbara’s provocative discussion on the topic with podcasters Bill Wood and Peter Goldsmith.

Barbara’s studio is located at 170 Lyman St. in Asheville, NC, and is absolutely worth the visit if you love art and happen to be in the area.

To learn more, go to barbarafisher.com You can also contact Barbara directly via email — barbara@barbarafisher.com

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