Beyond Western Medicine

Some facts about alternative medical techniques.

Anyone who’s been to a doctor lately knows that the costs for conventional western medical care are out of control. As a result, so-called alternative forms of medicine, such as acupuncture and chiropractic, have become more attractive — they’re cost-effective, and they work.

These health care tools have been around a while — in the case of acupuncture, more than a thousand years — and are finally becoming part of the mainstream. Even western medical practitioners are recommending them for certain conditions. Still, there’s a large percentage of consumers out there who don’t fully understand their benefits, and are reluctant to consider them when they need help.

Peter Goldsmith and Bill Wood talk to two practitioners, Acupuncturist Dr. Kristopher Goldsmith and Chiropractor Dr. Eric Swartz, to clear things up. From their informative discussion, you’ll get a better idea of what these techniques are all about — how they work and why they should be included in your health and well-being regimen.

Listen to Peter and Bill’s podcast by clicking on the arrow below:

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Beyond Western Medicine

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