Sports in a Pandemic

The good and the bad of the re-opening

Across the leagues, sports are trying to activate. This is something that can lift our spirits, allowing us to move our focus to something enjoyable and away from our problems. Leisure activities, be it spectator or participant, are important to Americans, and they can offer a therapeutic diversion for a little time each day.

Of course, putting the games on is essential for the leagues — they need money if they are going to survive in the future. But is it really enjoyable? Certainly the lack of butts in the seats detracts from the experience for both TV viewers and the players. And are we sacrificing care for the general public while at the same time dis-regarding the health of the athletes?

Listent to podcasters Bill Wood and Peter Goldsmith discuss the pros and cons of the re-opening, and how it impacts the country and the players.

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