The Changing Realities of Medicare

Navigating your way through this crucial program. 

Co-hosts Peter Goldsmith and Bill Wood look at Medicare this week. While it’s under attack on all sides, it’s important to understand Medicare and what it means to the lives of millions of seniors across the nation.

On October 15th, a crucial period opens when Medicare eligible Americans can choose how their health care will be handled. There’s a lot you need to know in order to make the right choices for your needs. What is Medicare Advantage? What is Plan A, Plan B or Plan D? What is Original Medicare? What about Supplemental coverage? Is Medicare and ACA (Affordable Care Act) compatible?

Peter and Bill talk to Susan Mangrum, a Certified Senior Advisor in the health insurance field. Susan answers all those questions and more about Medicare, so get a note taking device and click on the arrow below to listen to this podcast.

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