The Right Place in the Sun

Finding your perfect little corner of the world.

As we progress through our lives, we often hit periods when we have to re-evaluate. Retirement is one of those times. When we were young, we had certain needs and priorities. But what we considered to be the basics and the essentials in our youth might not do it for us when we reach our sixties and beyond.


Finding what works at that age is the kicker. The problem is we’re faced with options, and options make life difficult. Take the case of deciding where to live.

Yep, it’s difficult, but not impossible. Finding your place requires that you know who you are, and maybe that you re-discover yourself — what you really want and need, what will make your life more fulfilling. And if you get it wrong, that’s OK. You can always go to Plan B — you just need to come up with a Plan B

Our podcasters, Bill Wood and Peter Goldsmith, have an honest discussion about how each has dealt with their quest for the right environment. Only this time they do it with video, so you can put faces to their names.

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