The fact that they make every effort to look just as we want them to is understandable, since a good portion of their economies are tied to tourism. But still, as I’m of Italian descent, it always seemed a little odd that this was the country my family was running away from. What was the matter — too charming?

But I digress. Puglia is just as beautiful as the more well-known parts of Italy, but it has a look and feel that seems a bit more honest. And it also has a big advantage over, say, Tuscany — it’s not crowded.

Now, that’s not to say it’s difficult to work your way around this region. Even a modestly experienced traveler will have no problems. It is a little harder to find someone who speaks English, but the Pugliese really try hard to understand and be helpful, and they seem to enjoy their visitors. Of course, that’s likely to change if they ever get more of them than they figured on.

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