Like other parts of Italy, Puglia has the magnificent ancient towns and villages, picturesque seascapes, great beaches, and the ancient and charming centro storico (historic center) in its larger cities. In other words, all the things that we love about Italy. There are also world class accommodations, such as Borgo Egnazia, south of Bari — the spa alone is worth a stay here.

And of course, there’s the food, and the wine. Seafood is the driving force here, in all it’s shapes and flavors. The pasta that is served in restaurants is usually homemade. Puglia is home to burrata, which has an outer shell of solid mozzarella and an inside of stracciatella and cream.

This region also produces about 40% of Italy’s olive oil, and offers endless varieties of infused oils, and they all go well with the bread, which arguably is the best in the country. Almost 20% of Italy’s wines are produced here, and I would put them up against virtually all other Italian wines.


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