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9 Signs your Partner is Emotionally Mature

Emotionally maturity matters more primarily because it lends itself to a stable relationship, one in which partners feel more secure and connected to each other.


Here are the more important characteristics of emotionally mature partners, not ranked in any particular order:

1. They’re able to control their impulses, are less prone to emotional outbursts, and aren’t quick to anger. They tend to choose their words carefully and are less prone to use abusive language. That means they’re more effective in dealing with conflicts and less prone to cause conflicts to escalate and lead to resentments.

2. They’re more secure about who they are and so can allow themselves to be vulnerable. Vulnerability allows partners to communicate more honestly with each other and more clearly express their own needs, and that helps to build trust and bonding.

3. They’re compassionate and can empathize with their partner. Empathy is essential because that lets partners to feel they are emotionally supported and that their needs and concerns are understood and appreciated.

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