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In this section we get into all things media related. We have no choice — Agnituslife’s founder is a former TV producer. Still, it’s a topic that’s broadly appealing. Think of how much time you dedicate to entertaining yourself, whether it be through TV, movies, the internet, social media, and so on.

Here you’ll find articles on the latest technological innovations and discussions on the hot issues relating to entertainment and it’s supporting technology. But we’re not complete geeks —  we also present un-discovered talents and old entertainers who we may have forgotten but are certainly worth another look.

Entertainment & Technology

Lightnin’ Hopkins

The Texas Troubadour Like many things, a craft is often learned at the foot of a master. So it was for Samuel John Hopkins, aka Lightnin’, a young boy growing up in Centerville, Texas in the...

Entertainment & Technology

Memphis Minnie

Hip Shakin’ Royalty of Country Blues The Right Reverend Zebra Davis has called her a “sassy, brassy, hip shakin’, guitar slinging mama.”  Indeed, she was all of that and much more. She was born...

Entertainment & Technology

Howlin’ Wolf

One of Chicago’s all time great Blues artists. Here’s how music critic Cub Koda described blues singer/musician Chester Arthur Burnett, aka Howlin’ Wolf: “No one could match...

Entertainment & Technology

The Big Arrogance

There are lots of bozo’s on this bus. I was just looking at the Google News headlines with all the craziness out of Washington. You have to wonder about the veracity of people making decisions...

Entertainment & Technology

Behind the Lens

Have you ever wondered what an AD (Assistant Director) does on a TV set? Now you can know. Who doesn’t love a good movie and who doesn’t enjoy that special show on Thursday night? For...

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