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Eclectic is the best word to describe Integrated Wisdom. Our focus in this section is on ideas, and we cut across an unlimited range of topics — from smoking cigars, to cross-dressing, to problems with education, to name just a few. These articles are interesting and entertaining, but also informative and, we hope, provocative. They will get you thinking, sometimes on stuff you never bothered to think about before.

Integrated Wisdom

The Hired Caregiver Dilemma  

Working your way toward finding a solution. by Amanda Lambert and Leslie Eckford As two geriatric professionals and caretakers of our own aging parents, we are staunch advocates of the concept and...

Integrated Wisdom

Surrogacy as a Tax Deduction

IRS should not allow such deductions under the law, but they have made exceptions. Is there a reason? This piece is about a tax court case that was decided in September 2017, regarding surrogacy...

Integrated Wisdom

“Get off the Phone!!”

Are smart phones disrupting the social development of teenagers? by Bill Wood Remember your Mom or Dad screaming: “GET OFF THE PHONE!!”  It was a crazy teenaged time when we used the...

Integrated Wisdom

Facts on a Plane

What you can learn when there’s so much time and so little to do… Flying across the country to see my grandchildren is a pain in the you know what… But I love my grand-kids. I sit...

Integrated Wisdom

Grass Roots Social Movements

History suggests they are the only vehicles of change. In America, we love a train wreck. It’s not that we want to see people hurt, but it seems situations have to be that catastrophic before...

Integrated Wisdom

Suing in Ancient Rome

Satisfaction under the law required nerve, persistence, and ingenuity. Cash also helped. Ancient Rome had an extensive code of laws that covered the full range of legal issues one might face. In...

Integrated Wisdom

Playing the Ponies

The psychology of betting on the most exciting two minutes in sports. Ever since I was a kid growing up in Queens, New York, I bet on the horses. As 14 and 15 years olds, my friends and I would sit...

Integrated Wisdom

What We Believe

Our belief systems are the driving force behind how we act and feel. We tend to think that all our emotions are linked to a specific situation or event, meaning that how we feel is a direct result of...

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Agnitus: (Latin) — Recognition, acknowledgement.

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