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TV: It Ain’t Going Away…

What programs appeal to which segment of the population…how upscale is the audience, and which gender watches what programs?  Rolex watches will not advertise on Saturday mornings. Beer and cars will hold firm on sports, while soap operas will capture women 18-54. These are all a given. But what about the next generation, where gender is fluid and sports are more E-sports than NFL. What products do you pitch to these folks?


What about screen size and interactivity? My 6 year old grand daughter would rather do things with her tablet than watch some old fashioned 65” screen with surround sound. (Weird, I know, but she still is a great kid!)

Entertainment on smaller screens, more tailored to your individual tastes, less commercials, more ‘off-center’ content…

No — TV is not going away, simply changing with the times.

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